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Blossom's Poetry Corner

Here are poems that children and parents have sent to me:

I Am
Written by: Cyber Raist

I am me.
I am important,
I am just as good as anyone else.
I am stubborn,
I refuse to follow their dreams before mine.
I will act immature,
I will grow up when it feels right.
I am not a heartless robot,
I must always hear a reason for any action.
I am strong,
I can stand up for myself if I have to.
I am special,
I am not like everyone else.
I can believe what I want,
I will not be easily swayed by others.
I have dreams,
I will not be disappointed by them.
I have will,
I can do anything I put my mind to.
I am me.

Be my Friend
Written by: A.C.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me, and just be my FRIEND.

Holiday Gifts
Written By: A.A.J.

Last year I got some ugly shoes
from awful Auntie "Pain",
this year I think I'll wrap them up,
and send them back again.

For my awful sister, Sue,
I don't know what to get,
maybe I'll wrap her up,
and send her to the vet.

For my little brother,
I've made a iron box,
I'm hoping he'll climb inside,
it's got many, many childproof locks.

The only thing I like about Christmas,
are Grandma's eggnog drinks,
but other than that,
I think the season really stinks.

Written By: Laura

What do colors have to say?
Do they tell about your every way?
Does pink mean romantic?
Does red mean frantic?
Does blue mean shy?
Does yellow mean sly?
So in the morning, when you're nude,
Make sure your clothes express your mood!

The Pig
Written By: Susan

There once was a pig,
And he did a jig.
Good for that pig,
Who did a jig,
That wears a wig.

My Best Friend
Written By: Brea Gray

I have a little friend.
She is my best friend.
Her name is Ashley.
We have lots of fun
together when play
all day long.

For Always
Written By: Colleen

Stay happy for always
Don't ever be sad
In a few days
Things won't be so bad
Your problems will pass
I guarantee
I promise you that
Soon happy you'll be
And whenever you're not
Just remember what I said
And happy thoughts will be
The only thoughts in your head
This is just a reminder
For happier days
Keep a smile on you face
Now and for always!

Written By: Jen

Summer sun setting
as magenta skies blanket
shimmering waters

If you have written a poem then send it to me and if I like it, I will add it to this page. Just be sure to put "poem" in the subject line of your e-mail. When you send your poem send your e-mail address along with it so that I can let you you know if it will be used. Do not send me your full name, just your first name or a computer username. Thank you for helping to make this page grow friendlier and longer!